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Sleaford Mods is currently J Williamson - vocal/all writing, and Fearny on computer! He used to be in bands but got sick of the bullshit, so he started this experimental rant thing partly out of frustration and partly out of realising the need to shake things up a bit has gone missing from music in recent years - culminating in tons of writing, gigs and recordings.

The release of the 'Wank' in 2012 and increased gigging on a wider scale saw a growth in interest and popularity.
Sleaford Mods are often compared with iconic others, such as John Cooper Clark or The Streets, but the outlook is a much more terrifying picture of cultural decay. It's more venemous, more sardonic, and (even though Williamson sometimes doesn't like it) fucking miles funnier!

Buy Wank by clicking the cover to the right.

Sleaford are currently gigging all over the place, mainly in Europe. Details about these dates, tickets, etc, are all on his Facebook page.

There are new videos up on youtube and the latest album 'Austerity Dogs' on Harbinger Sounds is available for download here.

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