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Formed in 1996. Daz and Paul needed a guitar player after splitting another band going nowhere. Clarky, a sparring partner from the old hardcore days fitted the bill perfectly (they played briefly together in FORCEFED). After a few gigs they cut Bullet Festival EP in the same year but didn't release it.

Played a bunch of gigs in the UK. More recording followed. This resulted in the DEATHRAY EP. Some frenzied live activity accompanied the record. Then came the legendary KICK ARSE EP, inspired by the film 'Brain Dead'. A track from it was put on a Frank Records comp which spread the word about the band around Europe. The EP was played on the Peel show in the UK, and they were invited to do a session by the great man himself!!

Then Barny from Incognito asked them for a record for his anniversary release series. This spawned the PORNO ROCKER anthem.

The band then split for various personal reasons, and things lay silent until now.

A new remastered collection of all Fokkewolf's recorded stuff is now available on CD from here and for download on Bandcamp. All the material was lovingly remastered at NMS. This CD includes 4 relatively unknown tracks, and the radio session the band did

All 4 CDs are for sale in the shop or by clicking the covers above.......and there's a couple from the remasters below. Enjoy.

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